Fake friends

I don’t deserve this. I deserve a lot of things but not this. I’m getting bullied by my ‘best friend’.

I’m only going to talk about one experience with this ‘friend’. So on Friday I had a sleepover with one of my friends (not the fake one) let’s call her daisy. So the fake friend found out about it and became extremely jealous. As her revenge she didn’t invite me to her bday party. (She always has revenge). 

I then texted daisy to ask how everything was going and the fake friend stole her phone and replied:’great👌🏻having so much fun😄don’t distract us🌹’

Later on I asked daisy why she would say that and she explained that it was the fake friend. 

If you want to lie what else she has done ,let me know.

And if you know how to help me😔plz comment !



It’s not fair

If you saw my last post then you will know that I have an older brother called Jamie. Brothers can be a real pain but for me , my brother isn’t the problem.

My whole life I have felt that my mum prefers Jamie however since my dad left it’s gotten worse. I have to buy my own clothes , and get no attention unless I’m naughty or make a mistake. Despite all of this my mum says that everything is all about me ,she calls me selfish and doesn’t care about my needs. For example , I have had a very bad cold during this past week and we ran out of medicine. She didn’t bother getting me any until today , 6days later !

On the other hand my brother gets new jeans, tops , phone cases,pillows and massive lunches. I have had to use my brothers old mattress for my whole life. It’s a 15 year old mattress. I begged my mum for a new one for my Xmas present and still she refused ,she spent the money on new coffee makers for my brother!

These are only a few examples of you want to know more ,let me know in the comments.


My terrible life

The title isn’t even an exaggeration. My life is bad,very ,very bad.

So where do I begin? I had a perfect life,happy parents , average(annoying) brother and amazing friends. At the time I was only ten years old when my parents began to argue , sometimes I would have to seperate them, that was the toughest part. Despite all the arguing my mum promised they wouldn’t split. People lie a lot.

A few months later came the worst day of my life . My dad had found someone else and was leaving. When we heard the news my older brother was so shoked he couldn’t breathe. I thought he was dying.i couldn’t bare seeing him in pain and rushed to my room. I was crying so much I couldn’t see when I was running up the stairs.

For one month my brother and I continued visiting my dad but soon my brother had been through to much depression and cut off my dad completely. He still doesn’t talk to my dad, and soon I will stop too. I just worry that my dad will harm himself in some way if he looses me as well.

Anyway , January 3rd 2015 came round and it was the day I met the evil stepmum. To be honest she was fine until this weekend 6th February 2016 (over 1year later). She accused me of pushing her and throwing pillows at her. My dad believed her over me and to avoid arguments I said I did. Over the weekend she wouldn’t let me be alone with my dad (he didn’t even realise). 

I have been through all of that in less then 2 years .guess what! I’m only 12.the worst part is I probably deserve it.




This is my ‘secret diary’ none of my friends know ,neither do my family. Only you guys , welcome to the squad!

Soon I will be sharing my personal stories , happy , funny,sad! And how NOT to deal with them! This way you can learn from my mistakes and no one will be in my awkward situations!!

Although probably no one will see this, I’m trying it out anyway. Join me on this interesting journey .